Cannathrive Consulting offers production consulting services for licensed producer (LP) in the global cannabis industry. Its services span indoor, greenhouse and outdoor production. Passionate about agriculture, its experts (including several Master Growers) offer hands-on training and the right gear to maximize every crop.

Its consulting services offer deep insight into seeding, potency proficiency, pest control and much more. It has the resources each client’s business needs to make its mark and increase shareholder value.


Ramtek Mission Critical helps agricultural businesses grow. Ramtek has become focused on mission critical projects in the agricultural space for the past few years and is enthusiastic about the growth it has seen throughout that time. Ramtek team is dedicated to becoming educated about its grow customers’ needs and knowing exactly how Ramtek applications can help them become more successful.

Ramtek Mission Critical represents Sanuvox in Southern California, Las Vegas, NV and Arizona.


Agron optimizes the design process to make client experience seamless through every step of the build-out process. Its goal is to compliment the work already started by the mechanical engineer and/or architect by bringing real life commercial grow experience. Agron starts by fully understanding its client business model and customizes his plan to maximize ROI.

Agron team walks its clients through the many layers of a grow facility that many do not consider. It sees how projects go wrong and tries to eliminate headaches and project slowdowns before they start.

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