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MMJ Daily, Newsletter, April 2019

A number of growers within the medical cannabis industry has a hard time complying with pharmaceutical standards. One of the main reasons is the need to provide clients with a consistent high-quality product, which can be achieved only through respecting the strict regulations that growers are asked to follow. Differently from ‘standard’ greenhouses, like a tomato greenhouse for instance, cannabis cultivation facilities require a better air circulation as the heat coming from lights – either LED or HPS – makes the temperature within growing rooms increasingly hot. The combination of hot air and high levels of humidity is a very dangerous situation as the risk of incurring in plant diseases becomes real.

Sanuvox is a company specialized in UV air disinfection that supports growers in keeping the growing room ventilated and, at the same time, keeping the air clean. The company is able to achieve this thanks to their line of products, and especially the S300 unit. This machine is equipped with two different sets of light that destroys the particles that enter it such as bacteria, germs, mold and spores. “The air passes through the pre-filter, then the HEPA filter. Finally, the air is pulled into the Aluminum UV Reaction Chamber thus making it to pass parallel to the UV Lamp, bombarding it with UVC & UVV light, which destroy airborne biological and chemical contaminants”, the company explains.


Ventilation, crop protection and odor control
“These products knock the smell out and keep the air clean”, the company continues. “The UVC light destroys viruses, bacteria, germs, mold, and spores by deactivating the reproduction process of these organisms through breaking down their DNA structures. On the other hand, the UVV light kills odors.”

According to Sanuvox, if a plant disease is developed in one room, there is a chance of cross contamination the results of which can be disastrous for one’s business. “It is crucial to position one air handler per room. If you have one handler per two rooms and powdery mildew occurs, there is a very high risk of cross contamination. That is why it is advisable to have one handler per room so that everything stays separated and constantly clean.”

The company points out that these products cover a lot of the fundamental problems with the harvest. With regards to the S300, for instance, the UV rays function as crop protection. These are particularly suited to comply with pharmaceutical standards, according to the company. In addition to that, from their perspective, they are very much aware that medical cannabis growing facilities are quite difficult to manage: “It is crucial to have a constant environment within the growing rooms. Our units aim exactly at keeping all the aforementioned aspects under control, so that growers can successfully harvest a high-quality product.”

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Author: Andrea Di Pastena
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